I am Pierre Vandewalle and started with Travelling Light in 2003 with one idea in mind (travelling) and since then it has evolved to everything in my life.

Travelling and Light are two terms which can be used in so many stories, concepts, phase of life.

This website has been dormant for a while and now I feel I’m ready and need to revive it, so except some changes in the coming months.

It can shed some “light” (pun intended) around it by saying it’ll be about photography, personal evolution (travelling) and my story.

Some of you may already know a bit of my story but part of my writing will be as a message to my 2 kids…. (more to follow).

I haven’t figured out completely yet how I’ll develop it but I’ll let myself guide by my feelings (another way of travelling light).

At the 2010 Dubai Rugby 7s with Ben Gollins, Captain of Team England – winner of the tournament

Two of my favourite bands working together

Travelling Light is a collaboration between Tindersticks (UK) and Carla Torgerson, singer of The Walkabouts (US) in 1995. I had seen both bands in Brussels in concert in Brussels around 2001-2002 and absolutely loved their music. It’s only a bit later, when I started working on my travel project that I realised they worked together. Travelling Light was one of the songs I had with me at all times on my MiniDisc on my Round the World Trip (2003-2004).